About Golden Time Lover


Hello, and welcome to Golden Time Lover! I’m Tiffany, or Tifa for short. Born and raised in the Philippines, I’m a 20-something who’s currently living in Tokyo for grad school. My interest in Japan started with watching anime as a child, but it has since expanded to include learning Nihongo, cosplay, the country’s sights, festivals, food, and more. Meeting people from so many different backgrounds during the first time I came to Tokyo (in 2009, for an exchange program) led me to develop an interest in cultural exchange, and now, while I’m mainly interested in Japan, I also enjoy learning about other cultures and broadening my perspective.

Traveling abroad on my own was a very life-changing experience for me, as it made me see more of the world, led me to question things I used to blindly believe in, work towards independence, and basically, learn to develop my own ideas, ideals, and plans. I think it’s changed me for the better, as I was once very timid. To this day, I’m still rather introverted (although it doesn’t seem the case online, as I can express my thoughts more freely when I put them into writing), but that doesn’t mean that I want to be cooped up and sheltered. I want to explore the world and make exciting, interesting memories, one at a time.

And that’s also how the name of my blog, Golden Time Lover, came to be. I can be rather bad at thinking of titles for stories, entries, or whatnot, with my titles ranging from ordinary to cheesy. (I hope that Golden Time Lover isn’t too cheesy, though!) The title came to mind as I remembered the eponymous opening song from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, one of my favorite anime. Out of all the OPs from that series, this song by Sukima Switch was, and still is, my favorite. The lyrics – which were basically about taking control of one’s fate, seizing opportunities, and bravely facing challenges – were quite inspiring, and the melody was quite catchy. You can listen to it here:

Because I want to seize as many opportunities as I can while they’re in front of me, and because this blog is about sharing those opportunities (and then some), I thought that this blog couldn’t have a more befitting title.

I guess that this blog will mostly focus on the things I’ve done and seen in Japan, but I don’t want my “golden time” to just be limited to my stay in Japan, so I’ll do my best to continue this blog even after this Japan adventure is over.


5 thoughts on “About Golden Time Lover

  1. I’m a new reader of your blog and your adventures are so interesting!!!!!!! Also, I love your fashion!!!! You are really inspiring 🙂

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